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Friend and business partner l0de Ray Dio described my business model eloquently in a chat on the morning of 12/23/2016:

  • 15:51 <@l0deradio> and have people just call up to rant about how people are ruining america or what the fuck ever
  • 15:51 <@l0deradio> or play fuckin street fighter
  • 15:51 <@l0deradio> or some other vidya
  • 15:52 <@l0deradio> well that's a start
  • 15:52 <@l0deradio> just get the ball rolling
  • 15:52 <@l0deradio> with some crazy rants and shit
  • 15:52 <@l0deradio> and we'll all get fucked up and blog

Hopefully you have a sense of humor, otherwise this isn't gonna work.

So, take it with a grain of salt, preferably around the rim of a margarita and served with tacos.