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I've got 2 students from 1pm-4:30pm tomorrow
Got some code to write
organizing my thoughts

17 hours until then
I need 6 hours of sleep at least
That leaves 11 hours

LRH comes on in a bit
Will play Fortnite with my bro as well
Probably watch something
That is a few hours right there

So, I should medicate and start writing code while I can


3:47am lol.
I seem to want to blog late at night.


$ defaults write com.google.Chrome NSNavPanelExpandedSizeForOpenMode -string ""


Alrighty...3:30am lol. 
Jordan Peterson on the tube.
Gonna go ahead and post livethoughts before I do anything else.
I'm noticing that I am getting signed out of some sites randomly, even when I am staring the page in the face.
This comes a day after Google enforces a new requirement for logging in: Javascript
That requirement is to protect against credential-stuffing attackings lol
So they are using Javascript to detect automation techniques?
Getting logged-out probably has to do with Do Not Track or content/tracker blocking and is related to the JS login issue


Been a good day today.

Random thought: why are Omega-3 pills so big? Choking myself over here


Big changes coming soon...



I scored 89 hell yea


No students today.


Cleaning room.
Folding laundry.
Put dirty clothes in laundry basket.
Right-hand mouse mode.


1 cup of coffee
1 granola bar (100 cal)
4 pb crackers
another cup of coffee

getting ready for pizza work

here my blog at
what up yall


Had 1 student session that ended early and canceled their 2nd sesh today.
Free time until pizza.
Feelin' a tad cloggy.
Ate granola bar, drinkin protein shake, playing Fortnite.

Matches played: 4
Top 5 in solo: 1
Top 20 in solo: 2
Kills in solo: 1
Total time played: 47min 18sec

A vietnamese girl is getting twenty Gs
And I'm like bitch please I speak Japanese
Pack upon my bong some of this hash of Lebanese
Suck on these twenty threes shit ain't for free

Good tracks heard on chillout radio:

peter bark laldila
leavv thank you



Formal blog going again.
I have a lot of computer clean-up to do.
A lot to do in general but blogging helps keep me organized.
My ADHD got bad the last 10 years or so because I stopped blogging in a traditional way.

I need to eat dinner and feed Gracie before I do anything else really.


Ate leftover curry.
Made Gracie dinner but she's not eating.
Chatting with some ppl for a bit about life and organization.


Gracie still not responding to interaction.
Doesn't act like she wants to go out.
I've got a student in < 30 minutes.


Student sesh was short.
Now I'm in the Fortnite practice tourney listening to a Ghostemane $uicideboy$ mix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKuvSdQM-GI&t=1388s

I turned off music to focus. 

Matches played: 6
Points earned: 1
Total kills: 1 
Time: 1 hour

i also lifted

Bazooka at lucky landing pagoda G9-G10


Student didnt show up for 9pm session.
Ran some numbers to see my current expected average monthly income.
This gave me an idea of my current "effort-value" and is inspiring me to make some changes.
I need to shower first.
Reminder: Work on Español.


Student did not show up to 5am session. 
No big, still get paid.
Getting ahead. 
Its 6:43am now and I'm playing Fortnite PS4.
Just got killed in solo.
Got 8th place.
Not bad.
Have to re-install Xcode dev tools to compile code.
Downloading now...
Updated the header on evildojo to have the blog link.

Been a long time since I've had a "formal" blog.
Livethoughts is really a link archive.
Got a LOT of useful info I've archived...