Client Reviews

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“very knowledgeable c++ tutor and understanding to my learning issues and helped break down what i want understanding.” - Joshua, 12-13-2018

“This was a very informative session, and my I have already established a great relationship with my tutor after just one session.” - Alex, 12-7-2018

“thanks” - Spencer, 11-29-2018

“if lesson.good() { cout <<”thanks Mike!" << endl; } (don’t roast me if this code doesn’t actually work - I tried my best)" - Spencer, 11-6-2018

“I am so please with Mike. He is absolutely extremely with me and that is a lot a patience. I am in JAVA 8 and unfortunately was guided by my school adviser to take this class however, with everything they knew about me and not have been in school for 22 years this isn’t one of the first classes I should have started with. He always can answer my questions and if he didn’t know immediately he would find the answer. He is always on the ball and uses examples of all kinds to explain my questions. He is so full of amazing information and has an enormous size of vast knowledge about programming. I feel very privileged to be able to have him for my tutor. Honestly I don’t have enough words to say how exceptional of a tutor and person Mike is. I don’t see him as my tutor I see Mike as motivator and extraordinary mentor. Every session I have had with Mike since the very first session has been top-notch. I would recommend him to any one needing a tutor for programming for sure. He is a wonderful teacher and guides me down the right patch.” - Danielle, 10-24-2018

“Mike is very engaging and challenges a student to focus on concepts and use critical thinking skills to truly learn.” - Tony, 09-29-2018

“This was a good session. Good communication of what is expected. His knowledge is enough to answer any questions I have and problem solving skills seem very good.” - Raya, 09-27-2018

“awesome help!” - Tony, 09-23-2018

“Mike explained how to solve the programming challenge.” - Purmina, 09-21-2018

“Mike was excellent and patient. Very knowledgable tutor” - Tony, 09-21-2018

“knows c++ like the back of his hand” - Cole, 09-19-2018

“Helped to walk me through the stuff I didn’t understand. Very helpful!” - Kelly, 09-14-2018

“Mike and I went through and cleaned up a lot of my code and implemented a major function and design of the game. We also did a lot of troubleshooting and found the solutions. Today was our last session and I’ve really enjoyed being able to make progress on my assignment that I otherwise would not have made. Many thanks.” - Emma, 09-10-2018

“Great progress has been made on my assignment. Mike has been taking me through the various topics I need to utilise and understand to complete it. We have also gone through and tidied up areas of code in line with convention and ease of reading. I’m hoping to continue working on it with the tools Mike has given me and be near completion soon” - Emma, 09-09-2018

“Brilliant first session. Mike has a very calm and patient manner and was able to convey a lot of important information and techniques with ease” - Emma, 08-31-2018

“Mike is awesome. We made good progress and I think that I am going to end the semester strong!” - Krystal, 12-15-2017