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2016 in Review

This year, 2016, was mostly a year of recovery for me.

I started 2015 by getting let go from my job as an iOS developer at iMobile 3 because they said I was not completing projects fast enough, even though I had completed everything to that point in a timely fashion and had zero warning regarding this either.

Amazon and Stormpath flew me to both Seattle and San Francisco that year. I finished out my first least and managed to be forced into fleeing my Grandmother's home in Florida because my alcoholic Uncle whom was also living there was physically threatening me and making it impossible to live.

I spent the rest of 2015 in my old bedroom at my Dad's house in San Antonio, got a job at a call center for a couple months, and landed a position as a Security Consultant for Kratos SecureInfo. It was the highlight to an otherwise terrible-fucking-year.

2016 wasn't so much terrible itself as the things that happened in it.

The lesson I'm learning regarding negativity versus positivity is that we have to focus on the positive in order to gain more of it, and that if you are always in the negative, then you must be either really surrounded by it and unable to see anything positive, or you're just thinking about it in the wrong way.

As an example, when grading mistakes on somebody's math homework, or making changes to someone's computer program code, you might notice things that seem "off" or incorrect that just stand out and so it's easy to focus on the things that are "wrong" but when you get past all of that negativity the only thing that remains is what is done correct and what can be done to improve the overall accuracy of the answers and the code next time around and that is actually very close to the technical definition of "Learning"

So, in 2017, lets focus on Learning. Learning is a neutral thing overall, but we can all agree that if we all learn, then that is ultimately a positive thing. The establishment does not want an educated, free-thinking population. They want sheep who will simply work to buy more stuff.

I'm sick of being a consumer, a cog-in-the-machine.

I want to be a creator.

2017 is the year of Evildojo. It is the year that I clean out the innards of the temple and treat my inner world like an ashram. Pure thought, pure speech, pure intention. No corrupting influences.

Whatever happens is going to happen. I am where I want to be at: standing on my own two feet and making decisions for myself.

So, here is to a bright future full of wonder and magic, life and love.