Date: 11-03-2017

At work earlier tonight, a few hours ago around 7:30pm eastern, as I was working the oven, one of our female drivers comes in. A cute girl a couple years younger than myself. She and I have had some good casual chats. She's a fellow gamer. Got kids. Married but her husband allows her to also have a boyfriend. Weird, but whatever. Anyway, she starts up about some NPR piece and mentions Woody Allen. I say "He'll get his one day" and she's like "Nah" but I mentioned "Harvey Weinstein" and that gets her talking about her past. Apparently, she was raped when she was 14. Like, probably a bit TOO MUCH INFORMATION for a workplace, but I'm all for freedom of speech and if she felt comfortable enough to bring it up, I felt equally comfortable asking a question when she says she was part of the whole "Hashtag Me Too" bandwagon. So, I ask her: "Here's what bugs me - Why do so many women wait so long to come out about all that stuff?" and that just launches her into this panicked explanatory defense mode where she's trying to say stuff about how society oppresses women this, and how women are viewed as sluts and whores, and yadda yadda yadda. I say that is all just a viewpoint she's maintained - a perspective - a rationale she was using to justify waiting virtually TEN YEARS to come forward and call out her rapist. This triggered her and she decided to say that her getting raped and saying nothing was the same as my right-arm and hand's inability to lift heavy weight.

This equally triggered me, and I told her that I was RAPED BY GOD and that is a false equivolency. I had no choice being born this way. She CHOSE not to come forward because of this illusory construct she chooses to believe in. She then began to confuse my statement with suggesting that her rape could have been prevented. I never said that, and it sucks that she was raped, but she chose not to come forward about it until many years later. She then said something like "Maybe parents should teach their boys not to rape", so I replied "Not all men are rapists", which is a fact. She "didn't want to have the conversation anymore" and I respect that - she shouldn't have brought it up in the first place. But the very fact that she chose to equate her own rape to my deformed hand is what pissed me off the most. How dare she. She had a glimmer of hope - of possible intelligent life beneath her dark, beady-little eyes, but in that darkness all I saw was a void - a chasm of nothingness - of a vacuum ready to suck up endless bullshit that is hand-fed to her by the media and she was ready to shit it back out. She was not, however, ready for a man who was going to tell it like it is.

She stormed out to deliver some pizza. Many coworkers were witness. She was so mad that she forgot her keys and had to return for them. Two of the manager-level coworkers took me outside to talk about what happened and I was open and honest with them. They agreed that she should not have brought up her own sensitive past and that she should not have equated that to my disability.

I will not apologize for being myself. I will not apologize for being right. Truth is all that matters in this world, and in America we have freedom of speech. This is one point that the Alt-right and SJWs agree on, I feel. But, in particular with SJWs, they only agree up until someone says something that they disagree with. I stand by my words and I have no sympathy for her.