Dashcoin Failing To Pay Out For Twitter Marketing Campaign


On June 21st, Amanda B. Johnson of the Dashcoin team posted a video to Youtube advertising a Twitter campaign. Participants were to retweet a linked tweet and have their desired Dashcoin payment address in their Twitter profile bio. The only required stipulation was that your Twitter account had to have been created before June 2017.

I retweeted the tweet, added my Dashcoin address to my Twitter bio, and I thought that was that. I was excited and posted the video to Facebook as well around 3:13pm on Wednesday, June 21st, 2017.

Amanda B. Johnson, the next day, posted another video apologizing for messing up the campaign. Twitter's API does not aggregate every single retweet, as it is likely a burden on their backend, which resulted in a lot of people unable to be shown as having retweeted the tweet. To fix this, participants were to email [email protected], and to paste the URL to their Twitter profile in order to receive payment.

I did exactly as requested.

Here was Dash's first response:

Hi, and thanks for your email.

It appears you did not retweet the Laura Shin/DAO tweet, which is what this week's campaign was for. This tweet was explicitly pointed to in the announcement video and re-stated in the rules below the video. Hence, your profile does not qualify for payment.

That said, we appreciate your interest in Dash and hope you have an excellent day!

I was shocked.

So, I emailed them back with photo proof of my retweets.

Their next response:

We're so happy about that, Mike, but it didn't happen within the 24 hour period allowed for the campaign -- that is, Wednesday at noon EDT to Thursday at noon EDT. Therefore, we're unable to pay the profile.

We're learning that we need to craft these things better if we ever do them again in the future, to prevent any sort of confusion like this from happening.

Because you're awesome, and we appreciate your efforts! Dash is better off for your participation.

Thanks, Payment Team


See the following images:

Note the circled parts of the images.

I responded to their last email at 4:55pm Eastern time on Friday, June 23rd (today as of this writing), and have not heard back from them yet. I will provide an update when they respond, either via Twitter or via email.

This kind of behavior is unacceptable from a group trying to compete in the cryptocurrency space, and if this is how they treat their supporters, then I want everyone to know that Dashcoin is not holding up their end of the deal.